Googlism for: Patricia


patricia is made fuck by the plumber
patricia is a single mexican woman from hermosillo
patricia is top of the class
patricia is president of the non
patricia is a member of mensa
patricia is particularly involved in promoting diabetes education for the many patients who enter rehabilitation centers
patricia is a teacher
patricia is
patricia is the founder and director of botanologos
patricia is author of the best
patricia is a clinical assistant professor at the university of new england school of social work and the co
patricia is a barrister & solicitor and the principal of the firm
patricia is a member of partners for change
patricia is mentioned in the paragraph #6 may 4
patricia is gebore en getoë in gauteng
patricia is the author of “get what you want” and “creating your unfair advantage”
patricia is the founder and executive director of the women’s collective
patricia is unusual in that she spends a lot of time using her computer skills to tap into the numerous databases that have become indispensable to her
patricia is the librarian at saint elizabeth ann seton
patricia is ambedextrious
patricia is the foremost psychic consultant
patricia is a high
patricia is committed to making a positive difference in a world that is rapidly changing
patricia is about 25 minutes from the center of balzar
patricia is off on her own travels in america
patricia is penniless
patricia is constructed as two living spaces
patricia is pleased to offer viewers free articles on dreams to download
patricia is currently the green member of the european parliament for dublin
patricia is involved in the teaching of introductory biostatistics to the undergraduate medical students and graduate students
patricia is a highly regarded speaker and presenter at major industry
patricia is a smart loner who has the feeling of abandoment and a longing to have a family
patricia is alone she prepares herself for bed although she knows that she won´t sleep this
patricia is a full
patricia is a nationally acclaimed speaker and workshop leader
patricia is a self
patricia is invited to appear as soloist with area orchestras
patricia is the third daughter to be born to us
patricia is an astrologer and a past lives therapist
patricia is the 1
patricia is committed to helping her clients learn how to have more of what they want and less of what they don’t want in business and in life
patricia is married to actor nicolas cage
patricia is well
patricia is also giving a national series of conferences and classes this summer and fall
patricia is a fantastic and nice lady
patricia is the mother of four children
patricia is the first person in the world to earn every award and high office offered by the national
patricia is enjoying a new career as a writer in victoria
patricia is a holistic healing practitioner and a feng shui consultant
patricia is pleased to offer her exciting new line of affordable resin sculpture & miniature collectibles
patricia is working with crossroads as they train volunteers overseas to reach their country
patricia is never satiated
patricia is married to william
patricia is on the illinois arts council’s arts
patricia is relatively new in the digital world and finds it to be an amazing creative outlet
patricia is playing with conchita the mexican open
patricia is a certified and registered medium
patricia is an award
patricia is a phd candidate in the distributed computing and communications
patricia is responsible for the following properties
patricia is the tenth most requested celebrity of all time
patricia is a graduate of suffolk county community college
patricia is widely respected
patricia is associated with the mystic goddess in largo
patricia is currently preparing to launch her own pr firm
patricia is in regular grade placement
patricia is a professor in the graduate program at loma linda university school of nursing
patricia is a sweet
patricia is very apprehensive about leaving home
patricia is currently working with a counselor on her issues of grief and loss
patricia is pastor of international faith center in fort worth
patricia is trying to commit suicide when michael decides to step in and takes over her life
patricia is also a professional actor and has performed in numerous commercials
patricia is currently working on her phd in the field of communicative competence
patricia is a powerful asset to our community
patricia is afraid of thunder
patricia is fighting off labor
patricia is preparing
patricia is quick enough to dive to the other side of the road
patricia is working on a new series set in fictional tobias
patricia is a certified health education specialist with over 15 years experience in education
patricia is a published photographer and has exhibited her work in both philadelphia and austria
patricia is a member of step
patricia is a certified relationship counsellor who has had extensive training in australia
patricia is more convinced than ever that consumers are very smart and respond best to advertising
patricia is an active member of the american college of healthcare executives and the metropolitan health administrator’s association
patricia is involved in export marketing and international trade activities and has been working closely with information
patricia is survivor 4
patricia is particularly responsible for student records and admissions to our ma programmes
patricia is adding concerts to her list of professional and highly marketable talents
patricia is unusual for one of inazuka’s regular troublemakers
patricia is a beautiful raw goddess
patricia is a voting member of the grammy foundation
patricia is a real estate agent that is known in the community of wallingford for their dedicated client service
patricia is writing something up and doesn’t even notice the frog
patricia is presently working on a ya novel about a teenager who finds an entryway into the amazonian rainforest from his attic
patricia is also a well known reviewer of popular culture
patricia is a member of the kickapoo in kansas nation
patricia is the recipient of the naps hall of fame award 2000


2 Responses to “Googlism for: Patricia”

  1. Me encanta eso de “patricia is constructed as two living spaces” y también lo de que estoy casada con Nicolas Cage, jeje. Sí, lo reconozco, es una perversión… todos tenemos una, no?

  2. 2 Raquel

    Jaja, eso iba a destacar yo, una mujer mejicana de Hermosillo que a pesar de ser soltera está casada con Nicolas Cage, jaja. ¿Y no te parece genial lo de “beautiful raw goddess”? Porque, lo que es yo, de mayor quiero ser eso!!

    He hecho poco lo del cadáver exquisito con más gente, para mí es un rollo muy pajero :-D , y ya con dibujos sería lo peor, porque dibujo fatal. Eso sí, ver ciertas cosas de las que salen jugando al Pictionary es una experiencia que merece la pena, entre la sordidez y el arte, jajaja.

    Mira lo que sacó un amigo con mi nick:

    sebastopol is the western market center of one of the san francisco

    sebastopol is available now

    sebastopol is a popular spot for everybody

    sebastopol is a nonprofit organization in ukraine

    sebastopol is colorful

    sebastopol is a fine step forward

    sebastopol is approximately 7

    sebastopol is an urban park featuring antique roses

    Sin duda en lo que más acertaban es en lo de “aproximadamente 7”, nada me define tan bien.

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